Everyday shopping, real community impact

My Pocket provides an on-line marketplace for local non-profits, businesses, and consumers to support each other in an easy and impactful way.

The benefits to the participants are multiplied.

Each purchase = three winners!

Who wins?

Non-profits – by earning commissions! Non-profits market the My Pocket marketplace to their passionate supporters. Each purchase using My Pocket generates a commission to the non-profit who generated the customer.

Businesses – by generating new sales! Non-profits drive customers to the participating businesses through the My Pocket marketplace. A participating business pays commission ONLY on sales made through My Pocket versus traditional models of paying for advertising with no direct tie to the sale.

Consumers – by getting the products they want AND supporting participating local non-profits through the commissions paid by the businesses – at no additional cost to the consumer!

More information: trypocket.info